Sunday, November 6, 2011

My iPhone Journey

I have wanted an iPhone for probably 2 years now.

I had one of the "regular" non-touch iPods a while back (still in good shape, my mom uses it for working out or it just sits at my parents house).

Then I got an iPod Touch for Christmas in 2007. I have absolutely loved it. I take good care of my things, but somehow about 6 months ago, the bottom of my iPod's touch screen stopped working. It made ti difficult to change from "playlist" to "artists" etc, but not impossible, and it did make it more difficult to type since the space and enter bars are along the very bottom, but again, not impossible. However, I could not adjust the volume. This is obviously important, especially when I go from headphones (low volume) to listened through the AUX in my car (highest volume) in a day. After a couple days I realized a solution: double tap the home button while the phone is "off" (screen is black, but music is playing, etc.). So this small loss of functionality hasn't hampered me too much.

I got my cell phone back in February of 2008. It is one of the side flip ones that have the full keyboard. I definitely liked it and it worked well for a long while. It still works, but it gets temperamental. To unlock the front keyboard you would need to double click the "OK" button. That hasn't consistently worked for a year and a half. So to really be able to use my phone, I HAVE to open it to dial a number, see who called, read a text, etc. Not the end of the world, but requires more dexterity to open the whole phone.

I have been able to upgrade my phone since September of 2009, so since then I have been looking at phones. By this point I knew I ideally wanted an iPhone, but since I am/was on Verizon and there is no way I was going to go to AT&T, that wasn't an option. Dylan was on Sprint, so we looked at that. We had even kind of ordered the Evo phones, but then our washing machine broke, so we had to buy that instead. So we just decided to wait. Then last year, the iPhone 4 came out and then earlier this year the iPhone 4 came out on Verizon. FINALLY! But, I decided it wasn't worth the money unless I could have the absolute newest version, not some version that had already been out for a while and therefore means a new one will be out soon.

I have been following the iPhone news for about 2 years. Hearing about the new suspected features, following rumors about release dates. So then about a month ago they announced the new iPhone 4S! My time had come. Even better-I was just about to start a new job with new pay and I was going to be paid out PTO from my former company. So money for the steep phone bill (I was on my parents plan before) and money for my $400 iPhone!

This Wednesday, Dylan and I go over to the Verizon store to order our phones. Online it said the While 64GB wasn't available until the 11th and the Black 64 GB wasn't available until the 18th. Since we wanted them before Thanksgiving, we went in to order them. They told us they actually still had some White 64GB left! Dylan said he was fine with that so the guy grabbed two out of the back.

Dylan's company has a small discount, so we set up the account under his name. He got his phone all set up, I bought it for him, within 5 minutes. Mine was not so easy. Since I was on my parents plan my Dad had to call Verizon to give permission to move my account to another account. Then since they bundle with CenturyLink, they had to talk to CenturyLink to unbundle to make any changes with the plan. Turns out CenturyLink customer service is only open from 8am to 6pm, and we were in the store at 7:30pm. So I was unable to get my iPhone. It was literally 6 inches away from me and I couldn't get it. I bought Dylan his phone, but I didn't get one.

My dad called CenturyLink the next day and then I got my phone that night. YAY!

Then I had to decide what case to get. I had seen one I liked at the Verizon store, but we wanted to check at the Apple store first just to be safe. I ended up liking the one at Verizon so here it is:

Oooooo.... Ahhhhhh...

The story doesn't quite end there. I have my iPhone but I can't get my music or photos on it since my home computer (which has my iTunes) has a virus I think... It has been REALLY slow since right around the time we moved and the CPU runs at or close to 100%. So my dad will be coming over to fix that. 

I have it and I can use it (less music...) and I love it! YAY iPhone!

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  1. Ok I am seriously addicted to my iPhone. You'll have to check out Instagram, a photo app. Totally fun. Enjoy!


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