Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Great Thanksgiving Break

You may remember I was a little wary about Thanksgiving and splitting our time between my family and Dylan's family, well it definitely worked out great.

These last four days in Nebraska were so much fun!

Dylan and I agreed that it was a really good balance between my family and his family.

Obviously we stayed at his parents house and reasonably we would and should spend most of our time with his immediate family since they are the most important and we don't get to see them all that often. We had a chance to hang out with them a lot Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Dylan's sister was around a lot too, which was really nice since usually she is working. We also all went out to breakfast this morning. I got to spend a lot of time chatting with him mom and learning more about the family history and looking through old Christmas stuff. I love learning more about Dylan's family history. I feel it is so important for me to learn it so that I know more about how and why Dylan is the way he is and so that we can pass it on to our children.

For Thanksgiving we spent time with both my family and Dylan's family. We spent about 4 hours at my grandparents house. Thanksgiving was small this year! I think there were only about 25 people that ate dinner. We had a lot of food left over. Then we headed back down to Lincoln to have Thanksgiving with Dylan's family. It was probably one of my favorite Thanksgivings with Dylan's family. It was only 12 people, so it gave us a chance to chat and catch up really well. Nice and low key and delicious!

Then we hit up some Black Friday shopping. This was really our first year doing this, since last year we just stopped by after the initial rush. Boy it was crazy! We went to Walmart a little before 10pm so we could be in line at the PS3 games and hopefully grab a game or two. It got intense right before 10pm when people started arguing over how many items there were. We were next to the $2.87 waffle irons and the ladies crowded around it were fighting after the pallet was unwrapped since some people grabbed like 6 even though there was a limit of 2 per person. We got a couple things and then we headed over to Best Buy. We got in line at 11pm (for a midnight opening) and even though there were about 400 people in front of us we got two of the $40 Blu-ray players (one for us and one for Dylan's sister) and everything else on our list there. It was definitely a successful night!

We got to spend time with Dylan's friends during tailgating before the Huskers game on Friday and then watched the game with our other friend. That night, Dylan went to hang out with his friends but I was exhausted (and figured he could use some guy time). So we got some time in with our friends as well.

Then Saturday it was back up to Omaha for my Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party. I don't think I have ever seen my grandparent's house that full! My aunt said they were expecting about 100 people over the course of the open house. There were a lot people that I didn't know since they were extended family that I have maybe seen once or twice and a couple of my grandparents' friends from church and stuff. It was a lot of fun.

Dylan and I snuck off to go see The Muppets movie. It was really good. Funny and heartfelt (we both teared up!).

After the movie we headed out to the bars to meet up with some of my cousins. So glad we still managed to fit this in such it is so much fun! It is much easier to catch up this way compared to the loudness of my grandparents' house. We hung out with my cousins until close to midnight and then headed home to get some sleep before packing up to come home.

Like I said, it was definitely a good mix of seeing different people. I feel like I got a lot of time with my family and had a chance to catch up with the people I really wanted to. Dylan felt like he got to see his parents enough and I felt like I got to know more about Dylan's family, which is always fun. Dylan and I had some time with his friends. And we also got some down time and time while driving for us to be adorable and goof around together and chat. Overall a great long weekend and I feel pretty ready for work tomorrow!

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