Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Have A Fever

Baby Fever.
Yes, I know you all know this by now, but let me just walk you my symptoms and why I think it is and isn't a problem.

The Symptoms and Why This Is a Problem:
1) Anytime there are children on TV, Dylan and I both make comments about why girls or boys are better or why we want a specific order of kids. Example: Modern Family like every week since I want two girls and one boy, per the show two girls then a boy is not an ideal order, ha ha.

2) Approximately 1 out of every 3 conversations with one of my girl friends involves at least some light mention of me having kids.

3) Half of the blogs I follow involve babies, young children, or pregnant women. I love following them and crave updates. I especially love the nursery picture posts so I can get ideas.

4) Which leads me into the next symptom of the room that will be the nursery. Since my cousin and his girlfriend moved out it is pretty much empty. It is now just waiting for us to be able to paint it nursery colors, so it will remain empty and neutral for a good while yet.

5) I got a new job. A large part of me wanting/needing a new job was that I didn't feel I could be the kind of parent that I wanted to be while working at my former job. And it turns out that my new company is especially baby friendly. There is a row of four women that either just got back from maternity leave, are on maternity leave or are pregnant.

6) I find myself wishing I had kids so that we could go to the pool, go to the really cool parks I haven't been able to go to since I don't have a kid, go sledding, go to the zoo, etc. I just think these things would be much more fun with a kid or are things that just make me a creeper if I do them without a kid.

7) This last week I have been bombarded with absolutely adorable little girls! My co-worker brought her 2 year old in last Wednesday. We hung out with our friend's niece who is about 2 and I watched her play for the first half of the Husker game. Then we went to my grandparents house and there were two almost 2 year old girls and a 12 week old baby girl. I realize this means my family should be due for a little boy... but girls are just so much cuter!

So yes, I am excited about getting pregnant and having kids, but I am also excited that it is still a little bit away.

Pros of Waiting:

1) By waiting I get to finish decorating/furnishing my house.  Dylan said he is cutting off my decorating budget once we start trying. I will be working of maximizing my budget and the priority is getting our bedroom set so that we can get our king size bed for when we do have kids so everyone will fit!

2) More importantly I get to enjoy being married. Dylan and I get pretty busy, so we don't always set aside time for romance and specific time together. We have some ideas for next year and some things we want to do before kids.

3) I'm looking forward to being selfish for a little bit longer. Once we have our first baby, it's pretty much all about them, which is good, but that also means my needs and wants will take a back seat.

If only adorable children weren't everywhere and weren't so adorable, this waiting thing would be a lot easier!

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