Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I finally, super-officially became a Huskers fan this last Friday. I finally bought my Huskers gear! We bought it at the University of Nebraska bookstore. Dylan's friends were so proud of me when we showed up for tailgating.




Here it is with me wearing it with one of our friends:

Dylan played some cornhole with of his friends:

We watched the marching band go by as well:

While we actually weren't going to the game we sure had a lot of fun tailgating! Then we headed over to another friend's house (well his parents' house) to watch the game. Super fun and the Huskers got the win!

I know what some of you are thinking, isn't she a CU alum and fan? And yes, I am! GO BUFFS! (They totally won this weekend too!)

I was raised as both a Buffs fan and a Huskers fan, since half of my family lives in Colorado and several of them went to CU and the other half lives in Nebraska and several of them went to University of Nebraska. So I never really cared who won the CU-Nebraska game until I went to CU.

Then I was all about the Black and Gold once I started at CU. This escalated when I started dating Dylan and he was a Nebraska fan so we had quite the rivalry going on. Now our teams are in different conferences and we are married, so I figured I could be a Nebraska fan again. I decided this at the beginning of the season. I ended up being really glad since my teams (CU and the Denver Broncos) sucked at the beginning of the season, so it was nice to have a winning team (most weeks at least).

I wanted some Nebraska gear all season, but there was nothing cute in Colorado, so I had to wait until we were in Nebraska.  Now I have some really cute stuff! Although now I feel my CU collection is lacking... next year.

That is my journey back to Husker fandom :)

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