Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Movie Review

****WARNING: MOVIE SPOILER ALERT**** I really recommend you wait until you see the movie!

I just got back from watching Breaking Dawn Part 1! My theater had a special showing at 8:00pm tonight so I didn't have to stay up until 2 o'clock, AWESOME.

For those of you who do not know me, I LOVE the Twilight series. Love the books, love the movies. I have visited Forks, Washington.

Most importantly, I am Team Edward. 111% (Yes, 111%, not 100, not 110, 111%, that's serious). I seriously considered dumping my girlfriends who are Team Jacob after we went to Eclipse together, but after a night of sleep and pleasant Edward filled dreams, I figured over a decade of friendship was not worth throwing away...

So on to the review.

The wedding was awesome. I loved Bella's nervousness and her interactions with her parents. I always loved Renee and she did great as the somewhat aloof but super loving mom. I loved how Bella was nervous walking down the aisle until she saw Edward. The wedding was short and to the point, but the decorations were very elaborate, like the book. 

I also loved the honeymoon! So beautiful, and Bella and Edward were super adorable. Bella getting ready for her first time scene was endearing and funny. They did a great job capturing the moment the next morning where Bella is reflecting on the previous night and savoring the moment, and then Edward shows her the after effects of sleeping with a vampire (bruises) and kind of ruins it for her.

Then on to the pregnancy. I really need to look into how they made Kristen Stewart look SO emaciated, it was kind of creepy, but very to the books. I loved the scene where Edward first hears the baby and finally gets excited and they are happy.

Throughout the pregnancy Jacob is involved too. Enter one of the most ridiculous scenes ever in a movie. Once the wolves find out Bella is pregnant with some sort of monster, Sam decides they need to kill it, even if it means killing Bella, and Jacob refuses. Since Jake would have been the Alpha, he breaks away from the pack. The scene is beyond ridiculous since they are in wolf form and they have their actors voices, but they are distorted and kind of dog like. My mom likened it to Japanese voice over. It was terrible. I seriously don't know how anyone thought that was a good idea.

There were a couple other cheesy moments too but for the most part it was good besides that one scene. Bella talking to her dad and trying to tell him she will be gone for a while but that she is fine was really sad. I love Seth, he is just super cute and such a good person.

The other big scene is Bella having the baby. First the baby decides it wants out and Bella goes into a Black Swan like pose (bending backwards, super creepy!). I knew the birth scene was going to be intense, and it most definitely was. I haven't read the book in a while, but I feel like it was a little different, but maybe it was just because of how/where they wanted it to end. The venom entering her system reminded me of Spiderman, in a cool way, and I loved the human flashbacks, especially of her as a baby. It definitely goes to the next level of supernatural and fantasy.

I cannot wait for the next one, mostly because while this was one of my favorite books in the series, I was a fan because of the second half of the book, not the first half. I was definitely glad I didn't take Dylan with me, since he already makes fun of the series. My mom and I left the theater kind of laughing because that one scene is just that terrible, that even an hour later it still sticks with you (I was so afraid they were going to do it again that I said out loud to keep them in human form).

Overall, I give it a B-. Definitely a must see if you like Twilight and especially if you love the books. It really is just that one scene and a little bit of the cheesiness that is in all of the movies (and the books, but that is why we love them right?) that makes what would be a serious movie seem a little fake and over the top.

Let me know what you guys think if you see it!

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