Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Last Halloween

I realized this week that this is kind of my last Halloween. My last Halloween to be ridiculous and to drink a lot. (I was matching everyone last night one double tall vodka cranberry to their beer, so I definitely fell into the ridiculous category, I'll post on our Halloween after the weekend is over)

This is my last Halloween to do this because next year I will be trying to conceive or be pregnant! Since it is Halloween and therefore practically November, that means only 8 months to go until our one year anniversary and getting off birth control.

I am obviously super excited about getting pregnant, but one of the downsides is not being able to drink. Not that I drink a lot or go out very often (generally less than once a month and usually less than once every two months), but it is fun to be able to.

I do keep pulling the "this is my last year to drink, etc. so you need to be the DD and I will be next year" card with Dylan, so I am getting my money's worth so to speak.

Then even after next year we will have a baby and I am sure I will not want to be going out between lack of sleep and not wanting to leave him/her. I already almost didn't want to go out last night since sitting on the couch and watching a movie sounded better. I think I'll be well suited for the mom category when the time comes.

For now, a party at our house tonight!

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  1. Lol this was really tough for me, as well. Not that I drink a lot at all but I do enjoy a glass of wine on the weekend and the fact that I couldn't have it made me want it even more. But hey, you still have New Years! :)


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