Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Nesting

I am getting ready for Fall around the house. I never thought I would be the type to nest for seasons, but all of my blog following and my new house just get me so excited to decorate. (BTW, nesting here is NOT like nesting to prepare for a baby, but nesting as in preparing/decorating for a season/holiday) I always think of my grandma when I think of decorating your house for a season. She used to bring us little things to decorate our own houses too. Dylan also says it reminds me of his aunt, who is also much closer to my grandma’s generation. But here I am, only 23 and decorating for fall. (I really am old at heart!)

I was off on Friday and went to go bum around Michael’s and just see what they had for fall and see if anything really did catch my attention. At that point, I wasn’t really planning on decorating my house.
I saw some standard pumpkins, meh… I saw garlands of fall colored leaves, meh… little scarecrows, ugh no. Then I saw some silvery pumpkins and I thought they were really cute. Then I saw some red and purple flowers with berries and wheat and I remembered I had four little mason jars sitting in my basement from my bridal shower. And everything was at least 40% off. Perfect!

For just over $9 I bought a “large” silvery pumpkin (~9”) and a small silvery pumpkin (~4.5”), a small bouquet of red flowers plus other décor and a small bouquet of purple flowers, and some brown ½” ribbon with orange sparkle design.
Here is how all of that turned out:

Earlier last week one of my blogs provided some amazing inspiration. She made a wreath out of yellow felt.  It looked amazing! I knew I didn’t want yellow, but couldn’t’ really decide on a color I would want.

Finally this Saturday I was asking Dylan about it and realized a brown would be great with our walls and the rest of our décor. Sunday morning, JoAnn’s opened at 10am and I was there picking out my felt. The felt was all 40%, nice! I got the 2 ½ yards of felt, plus my wreath, 750 dressmaker pins (way more than I needed, but I figured I would use them again, maybe even make another wreath for another season…), and thimble to push in the pins.
I went home and starting drawing my circles.
And then approximately 5 hours of cutting and folding and pinning resulted in my wreath!

It is awesome. It turned out better than I expected being my first time dealing with wreaths and I was absolutely amazed that the whole thing only took like 6 hours! That kind of went both ways since I was really wanting a project to keep my busy for a while, but at the same time I really wanted to put it up as soon as possible.

It was a great pastime to do while watching football all day (which I love football, but I kind of need to do something else since there are so many commercials).

I think I want to add an orange ribbon (orange lace maybe…) through it (you know, looping around it) to add some more color and jump to it. I absolutely love it though.

Hope you enjoyed my beginnings of nesting and maybe were inspired yourself J

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