Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dream Bedroom Set

I just realized I have not shared our bedroom set with you all!

We looked right before the wedding and found a great set. It is the Hamilton collection from Furniture Row. All of it is really nice quality and sturdy. Total cost was about $4000 for what we want, plus we would need a kind size mattress. But hey, we will get there eventually.

The bed has drawers underneath for storage and also so then the dogs don't crawl under there. It will be amazing to have a king sized bed.

This is the tall dresser. This would be Dylan's. I'll show you the layout below, but Dylan and I will switch sides of the bed so we will be by our dressers.
This is the long dresser. This would be mine.
This is the TV bureau. I think we would split this between Dylan and I.
This is the nightstand. Right now we are planning on only getting one and it would go on my side. I think Dylan would get one too, but the dresser will be by him so we are a little unsure on space for both.
This is the mirror. I am not really a fan of mirrors (too many scary movies), but it's kind of a necessity.
This we actually didn't see at the show room, but I saw it online while I was getting these pictures. I think it is perfect for what I want to put under the window or under the light switches.

This is the layout we are planning on. We had measured our room and it was slightly larger than the display, so I'm not worried about it all fitting.

 It is definitely our dream bed for now. I will feel a lot more like an adult when I get it. Ha ha. A matching bedroom set?! Now that is a step up.

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