Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharing the House

I don't think I have announced to my blog readers that my cousin and his girlfriend will be moving in with us! They are moving from Portland since my cousin's girlfriend just finished her nursing program up there. Everyone in the family is SO excited to have my cousin living back in Colorado! He went to school up in Portland (that is how they met) and has stayed up there for his girlfriend to finish school. And now they are living with Dylan and I! If you remember that great basement we have, they will have their room down there. Obviously they will not be shunned to the basement, but they can kind of have their own space down there. 
My cousin, his girlfriend and I when we went to Portland

I think this is a great idea for everyone for them to come live with us. Obviously we are helping them out while they find jobs in Colorado and this way they don't have to live in up north, which is where my cousin's parents live. Living with us in the city area is better because it is closer to where they want to work and live and then they don't have to live with parents.

This will be their first time living together. Obviously they have stayed over at each others houses, but I definitely think it is different to have a completely shared space for all of your stuff and to see each other every day--morning and night. So I think it is good they are living with someone else so they can have other people to talk to and hang out with. It's a good transition from college life I think.

I also know Dylan and I will love having them there! Dylan will appreciate having another guy around. My cousin and his girlfriend are also very athletic, so that will be good inspiration for Dylan and I to go out and do stuff with them. It will be nice to have more people in our house since it is big for us right now.

The first week has gone well and I don't expect any bumps in the road :)

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