Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Tour

Final part of the tour until we move it and make it ours :)

We'll start with the basement. This is the storage room. A decent amount of space and shelves to help maximize the capacity.
 This is the washer/dryer for the basement. We get to keep it so it will work well for people to use when they stay or live with us.
 There is a full bathroom. Here is the shower. It has really nice tile and the built in shelf for soap and shampoo.
 Best part--Full kitchen! Again, this is called a "mother-in-law" apartment, so someone can fully live down here. This kitchen is nicer than most kitchens I have seen! All of the appliances work great. We will keep our barware in the cabinets above the sink (we have quite a collection!) and our alcohol in another cabinet :)
 This if the view as you walk down into the basement into the kitchen. We are planning on making is a little bar room and get a high table with chairs and put a tv up on the wall on the left and put the foosball table underneath. Until we have kids, then it might just be a play room.
 This is the bedroom in the basement. It is pretty big, and here you can see the door to the walk in closet and a little nook. Obviously for when we have this as a guest room we will put curtains or blinds on the door.
 This is the garage. Simple two car garage, but there is some shelving the the back and you all know how much I love my shelves! Also, totally a brilliant idea to have extra carpet in the garage! Helps keep dirt outside. Love it.
 This is a view of the yard taken from the master bedroom. I was trying to get a higher view so you could get a better idea of the space.
 Also taken from the master bedroom, just a view of the other half of the yard.
 This is the patio. It is stamped concrete, which is really nice. You get to the patio through the family room.
 This is the garden area in the corner. I know Dylan wants to garden, but we may eventually convert it to grass for more play area for the kids.
 This is the deck. It needs to be redone since the boards are warping and there are a couple trip hazards. We may do this this summer and we will definitely use the composite material. I think the way the stairs are really takes space away from the yard, so we'll make it more space effective.
 Last picture! This is the stairs for the doggie door from the first part of the tour. The inspector said it is really sturdy and by far the best doggie stairs he has ever seen. We have space to make the doggie door bigger is we need to.
This concludes the tour of our fantastic house! We close in 28 days :) Cannot wait to move in!

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