Thursday, May 26, 2011

With or Without Beautiful Bloody Sunday

Way back in September 2009, my mom bought tickets for my family for go see U2. They were initially coming to town June 2010 to play at Invesco. Then Bono had back surgery and postponed the show for a year. So we finally got to go to the concert a year and a half after buying our tickets. Of course by this point in time, my sister has gone on an out-of-state internship so Dylan went in her place.

My parents were in the 100s but Dylan and I were in the 300s, the club level. Our club level was AWESOME. I totally want to go to every Broncos game from this section. They had a really cool inside that was all enclosed (perfect for when it is cold!) that had a more or less full bar and huge variety of food. Just awesome.

The Fray opened for U2 and they were great! They played a few new songs and a lot of my favorites too. I don’t know when their next album comes out, but I think it will be really good. This was my fifth time seeing them in concert and by far the farthest I have sat away from them. Hopefully they play Red Rocks after their next album comes out J

During The Fray it was pretty windy and kind of chilly, but once it got dark out the wind died down for U2.

The concert had the most entertaining intermission I have ever witnessed. The screen had rotating times of cities across the world and Dylan and I were racing to guess the city first. Dylan ended up winning, but I was doing pretty good for a while there. It also had some random and cool facts about the world and the US, such as total population, we are almost to 7 billion people! It also had stuff about oil, smoking, births, deaths, etc. Very entertaining.

It was such a cool venue!

U2 was fantastic. I know a lot of their stuff, I think the only album I have is their greatest hits but I knew all but I think 3 songs. Bono is just ridiculous and really full of himself, but man he can sing! And The Edge is just cool. I never realized how much back up singing there was (should be obvious I realize, ah well).

Such a good time!

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