Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Brain

These last couple days I have definitely been much more focused on the wedding. Which is good, crucial in fact, since we have 80 days to go (*excited EEEEE!*).

The main thing is cranking out invites since I plan to send them out for next Monday April 18th. This was already pushing them back another weekend from my original thoughts, but it is still 2 1/2 months before the wedding and gives people just over a month to RSVP. So those have been my top priority and will be until I hopefully get them done on Saturday. One of my BM's is coming to help me run errands for a couple hours on Sunday, and I would love to have the invites either done so we can actually go do things or just have her help me put the in envelopes and put the address on (we are doing clear labels again, I absolutely do not care if people think it is tacky, it is not worth my time and effort to hand write names, sorry).
Look what I accomplished tonight:

It doesn't look like much, but it is 1.5"x1.25" and is for the "belly band" on the invite (the ribbon will go around the invite and this is on top of the ribbon). This is our monogram for the wedding and is also the back of the postcard for RSVPing.

I am SO close on invites! I am sending Dylan to get ribbon tomorrow during his lunch or after work since Hobby Lobby closes at 8 and I don't get home until 7 at the earliest. We'll see how he does, ha ha. I will need to go myself at some point, but if I can get the ribbon done for all of them tomorrow night, that would be awesome. I still need to get a little more black and purple paper to make the 26 more pocketfolds for invites I need to do... I had only cranked out 100 before, but 26 shouldn't be bad, right?!

The other issue is stamps and envelopes. We are getting our envelopes at Xpedx, because it is only $14.83 for 250 envelopes (!). Unfortunately they are only open 7:30am-6pm during the week, and only until 3pm on Saturday and not at all Sunday. So I think Dylan and I will get them Friday morning. I need to have the envelope because I need to get stamps and I need to know the cost of a full invite, which requires the envelope... And the post office has short hours too, so I going to try to go during my lunch on Friday. Phew!

The list of things I need to go run around and do:
-Figure out jewelry for me and the girls
-Look at center piece stuff: price floating candles and purple bead/rock things
-Look for guest book paper, pens and jar/vase
-See if I can find the cardbox I want
-Buy or order my shoes (I know the ones I want, but it was the display one, and I want to see if they have another pair in my size)

Other checks this week:
-I scheduled my alteration for my dress. May 19th. They essentially had no weekends available and she only gave me the option to do May or June, so hopefully I only need the one alteration! I should be good though, since I tried on my dress again this weekend and it totally still fits!
-We decided our first dance song :)
-Our first item was bought off of our registry!

Busy busy!

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