Monday, April 11, 2011

What Am I Thinking?

Today I was emailing my senior (one of my bosses on a job) to ask when we will be traveling for our engagement. I wanted to know partly so I could have a better idea of when we could/should close on a house and also just in general.

He emailed me back and said the first half of June is most likely when we will be traveling for 2 1/2 weeks (gone all week, home on Friday night through Sunday afternoon). He also pointed out that I will be moving in, getting married, getting promoted (promotions go into effect July 1st and we find out beginning of June) and traveling all over the Western United States all within a month.

My response was that I just realized that this weekend myself.

I am all about being busy, seriously all about it. This may be a bit much even for me.

So hopefully we can close on a house in early May. Essentially the more weeks between moving in and the wedding the better. The more I can do to be settled, the better I will feel for tackling wedding stuff. So May will be all about cranking out as much wedding stuff as possible since in June I will only have the weekends, and one of those weekends is the bachelorette party. I am gone for training the second full week of May too. What a crazy two and a half months!

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