Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Under Contract!

We are officially under contract!

Although Dylan says we are not allowed to get too excited until after the inspection. Fortunately the inspection is Saturday morning, so we can hopefully get really excited soon!

Let me show you some pictures. These are just some of the ones from the listing.

This is the front of the house:
 This is our kitchen (well half of it). You can see the front door to the right of the pic. There is a pantry in the door on the left side. All the appliances are stainless steel and there are granite countertops. You can see there are hardwood floors too.
 The is the master bedroom. There is a kingsize bed in the pic and there is definitely a lot of room besides! Very excited about the space:)
 Even more excited about the master bathroom! My five-piece bathroom! Beautifully tiled bathroom and awesome jacuzzi tub. A good sized walk-in closet as well.
 This is the back yard/back of the house. There is the deck and a patio. The yard is good sized, not huge or big, but a good size for a playset if we wanted and space for the puppy(ies) to run around.
So that's a mini-tour or a jist of the house. There is a beautiful finished basement as well that is a "mother-in-law apartment" which means it has a full kitchen and another washer/dryer.

The house is in great condition. There are a lot of upgrades throughout the house. We really don't even have to paint anything. We'll find out for sure with the inspection this weekend. It is a slab foundation, so we cannot have a lot of the same issues at the other house. The house appears to be in better condition and better kept-up, so all should go well. We will close May 18th. So look forward to a full tour of the house this next week!


  1. Looks so much nicer than the last place. Everything does happen for a reason!

  2. I love the outside.
    Do you have a floorplan that would make the photos easier to understand? I'm trying to visualize, but I'm not doing a great job.
    Congrats on the house. Hopefully this is "the one".


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