Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painting Ideas

As I posted, Dylan and I went to American Furniture Warehouse last Friday, we also stopped at Home Depot to grab a tape measure so we could actually measure certain areas of the house. While we were there we also looked at paint colors a little bit.

For the office/main level bedroom we are thinking maybe a light yellow? We realized when we went to the house the next day that the main issue of why the room is SO blue is because it has dark blue carpet... So when we have the floor refinishers come in to do a bid, we will get a bid on what the cost would be to put hardwood in the office. Here are some of the colors we liked:

We would use the top color, so Creme Brulee, Informal Ivory, or Moonlight White. So we will see.

For the guest bedroom upstairs, we are thinking of a lighter purple, almost grayish purple.

From these colors, we would probably select the middle color-Sweet Harbor or Misty Violet.

For our bedroom, we are struggling because we currently don't have any of our bedding. I may just decide to buy the valance for the set since that has the print. We want to not match the main cream of the bed. We may do one wall or two walls darker and then the rest lighter. This one we will have to work at!

We would use the first or third ones down, Harvest Brown or Butternut Wood, for a wall or two and the off white for the other walls.

We could use any of these shades, Parchment Paper, Raffia Cream, or Gobi Desert, either on their own or in combination.  

This is just a slight shade lighter than the one above.
  A lot of options! At least most of the house is already painted a color we really like!

Also, we found out this week that our home was at one point a model home, which explains a lot of the built in shelves and the hard wood. Cool stuff.

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