Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not Meant to Be/Back to the Beginning

I wanted to wait until it was official, and now it is. We are not getting the house on Laredo.

We had a structural engineer look at the basement on Monday afternoon. We knew there were going to be issues with the crawl space, but the foundation was even worse. To put it in simple terms, there is a lot of moisture down there, the soil has risen to right underneath the beams of the foundation and could lift it off the pillions/ties, and the brackets, etc. are corroding. Plus, one of the sewage drains is being squished between the soil and a beam and could break at any time. The structural engineer's estimate was $20,000-$30,000 to repair everything.

A couple of different emotions have gone through me during the last 48 hours. When we were doing the inspection, my heart had completely sunk. I almost cried when Dylan got there. But then Leslie, our realtor, said that it was fate that the house wouldn't work out and that we were meant to find our house somewhere else. That made me feel a million times better.

I am partly upset at myself for getting SO excited about the house. That is unfair though because I am supposed to get excited about it! If I am not excited then it clearly isn't the right house. Plus, who would have known there would be this much wrong with the house. (In fact, the sellers are potentially going to pursue legal action against the previous owners, but really it is their fault for not having a thorough inspection like we did).

So we are back at the beginning. We have a good sized list of houses to look at. Leslie is actually going to preview them today and take down notes to see which ones she thinks we will like best and which ones we would not like at all. Then we will look at the houses Saturday morning. When I was looking through the houses yesterday, I was actually getting pretty excited to see some of them.

The hard part will be that we will be comparing it to the house we almost had. Things we really liked were obviously the yard, open floor plan and especially open kitchen, the finished basement, hardwood floors and 4 bedrooms. The main downside of the house we almost had was the master bedroom and bathroom were on the small side. So I don't think much has changed in terms of what we want, but I think we will be a lot pickier.

We are in a race against time though. We still only qualify for an FHA because Dylan doesn't have any credit, so we need to be under contract by April 18th. We were able to increase our pre-approval amount since Dylan got a job (which I really keep meaning to blog about... sorry), so that helps give us some more options of houses to look at.

So hopefully we find our house this weekend!

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