Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Working Man

My apologies for not blogging more recently! I tend to get really upset when other people don't post often enough, and here I am and it's been 5 days since I posted anything. I generally am pretty busy on the weekends, so I typically don't post, but life has gotten the best of me and between the house stuff on Monday and feeling sick yesterday (I just went to bed when I got home), I haven't been up for blogging so far this week either.

But I'll make it up to you!

Dylan got a job! I am so super duper excited :) My first comment to Dylan was "This means money for Rachel!" He clearly laughed at me. Really though, it does. I have been paying for substantially everything, especially all of the bills and rent, for these last 4 months. So my ability to save has significantly decreased, which doesn't bode as well for the wedding (no worries though-tax refund, bonus and awesome parents have put everything back where I need). In addition to savings, this means I have some money to buy the things that I need/want, which is mostly clothes for every day and clothes for work (dress and skirt season is upon us!).

Dylan's job is actually with our mortgage brokerage company we are using for our mortgage. After I updated Dylan's resume for him (hem hem which means he probably would have gotten a job a long time ago if he would have let me update it for him! but I won't go there) and sent it over to our mortgage broker, she passed it on the the manager who was hiring for a calling position. Essentially what Dylan does is call people (approximately 200 people a day) following up on leads the company has to see if people are interested in a mortgage and using the company to help them with that. Since Dylan works 8-5, most people don't answer. He has had a couple people get kind of upset at him and ask to be taken off the list. Not the most glamorous job, but it is a job.

The best part--the benefits! He is actually salaried, which is fantastic. He gets three weeks of PTO. His health benefits kick in May 1st, which is especially important since he doesn't have insurance right now since he turned 26 in March and he can't be covered by his parents and he failed to get temporary emergency insurance in the meantime. (*fingers crossed nothing bad happens in the next 3 1/2 weeks!*)

It's all very exciting! We went shopping on Friday to get him some new clothes for work. Went to Kohl's and he bought 2 pairs of dockers, 4 polos, 2 button up shirts, and a pair of shoes for $230! I really don't think I could get that much for that little if I tried. I was also super jealous because I have not really bought any new clothes since I think October :( My time will come... Plus Dylan looks all fancy in his new clothes (sorry no pics of him... still working on getting in the mode of taking a lot of pics for my blogs)

Yay income! Also yay to Dylan being productive. Although I will miss having him at home, not that he did much in terms of keeping the house clean... but I could always call him when I had a chance.

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