Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bad Puppy Mom

Since Dylan started his job just over a week ago, we have been taking Freya to my parents house during the day so she can go outside and get some interaction (even through Duke and Kisaki don't play with her as much as she would like!).

We also just started going to the gym in the mornings before work with the thought that it will give us some more time in the evenings to do other things. The thought was the we would be able to cook and eat dinner and then take the dog for a walk and after that relax and read, work on crafts, internet, watch TV, etc.

This has not gone as well as we'd hoped.

My poor adorable puppy just has not been getting enough attention.

Well we did go hiking last weekend at least:

And she gets some loving in the evenings:
Playing with Dylan under her bed

Spoiled puppy on the couch getting a belly rub

And we take picture of her being silly and looking for her toys under the couch:

I guess it's really not that bad being the dog :)

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