Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get Organized

Ok, you probably expect me to be pretty well organized, and I definitely am, but one thing I am not great about is organizing my calendar.

I have had several instances where I wish I had a easy-to-access calendar details events and potential events of my life. I really want to keep better track of birthdays and anniversaries. I wish I was better about remembering book, movie and music releases. I would love to jot down concerts and ticket purchasing dates so that maybe I would actually go to more concerts. There are also free days at all the museums, the zoo and the botanical gardens that I would love to take advantage of, but I never remember when they are.

Unfortunately I am unsure about the best way to maintain a calendar. Obviously a calendar (like the kind that hang on your wall with pretty pictures (mine is of Norwegian Elkhounds :) )) is impractical because I would have to remember to write everything on it, but it is good because it is out in the open for you to remember when you see it on there.

Another option is my iPod or whenever I get an iPhone. I did some research and the MobileMe software syncs things (contacts, calendar, pictures) to your iPhone from your computer and vice versa.  After the first 60 days, it is $99 a year, which isn't too bad personally. So that would probably be a good option if I can figure out the software, which shouldn't be too difficult.

There is also the old school method of a pocket planner or whatever it is called. That way I would be able to clearly see all of the upcoming events at once. However, it is pretty bulky. Least likely option.

So MobileMe it probably is. I may decide to get it sooner rather than later, but I am planning to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out to jump to a smart phone. More research for now :)

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