Friday, March 18, 2011

Tour Part 3: Everything Else

Last part of the house tour. All we have left is the garage, basement and the backyard.

Let's start with the garage:
Pretty basic two car garage. Just wanted to show that there is some shelving on one side. Also, there's a door to the garage from the back yard too.

So the basement is finished. It is only a partial basement, but has room for a playroom and a movie/big tv room. There is a closet for some storage and also a crawl space. The laundry room is in the basement, to the right of the stairs in this picture.

So this is the view of the rest of the basement. I think we will make the cabinets into a dry bar, or even a wet bar since there is a sink in the laundry room and we could take a line out into the rest of the basement. As you can see, the basement is kind of sectioned off into two areas. The back area has a window, so even though it doesn't have a closet, it could be another bedroom. I think we would probably get a pull-out couch so it could be another place for guests to sleep.

To the backyard! This was probably the biggest selling point for us. It is a HUGE yard :) This is the deck. It is composite, which is fantastic since that means no upkeep. The hot tub is built into the deck. We get to keep the hot tub, but they motor is currently broken and they are supposed to fix it for us. The deck has plenty to room for a grill and table and chairs on it.

A view of the deck and house from up a little bit in the yard. Definitely a big deck and cute little paths everywhere. 

The door from the kitchen comes out the deck and the door from the family room comes out to a patio too. Along the right side of the house is a sidewalk to go to the garage and through the fence to the front.
This is a view from the patio up to the back of the yard. It is definitely on a slope. You can see there are some mature trees and they have relatively leveled the yard in places.

This is the playset and playhouse, that we get to keep :) I think we will re-level this before we really have kids, but it looks like a ton of fun!

This is the top/back of the yard. There is a horseshoe pit and a bench swing up the corner. Right now our plan is to see what all grows, and then decide how we want to change it. One of my thoughts is to make the bushes along the back on a wall and then level out this a little more and have grass so there is more place to play. Who knows though!

This is the view from the top/back of the yard down on the house and rest of the yard. It's all ours!

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