Thursday, March 24, 2011

Five Things You Can Learn From Your Pet

Here is an article I came across yesterday that I thought was cute, true and offers some great advice from our pets.

Celebrate Everything
This one is awesome. The article talks about how your dog is always so excited about everything. I think this is definitely a good lesson to learn. Celebrate the little things along with the big :)

Just Being Present is Enough
I am one of those people who is not very good about dealing with other people's problems. I never know what to say and I am not especially good at advice. So I am definitely all about being present. I do care about what someone is going through, and I have realized a lot of times just being there is better than words anyways.

Also, just having someone around, in a normal everyday way, is best. Sometimes I am too tired to have a legitimate conversation with Dylan, but just having him in the same room makes me feel better.

(Brain) Size Doesn’t Matter
The point of the article is that we (people and animals) really are all the same, with similar emotions and capabilities. Didn't really stick with me, ha ha.
Don’t Try So Hard
Pets are who they are, as much as we can train them, they are still the same dog. So the lesson from this is to just be yourself. Accept who you are. Utilize your uniqueness. Don't try to be something or someone you are not. It only makes everything that much harder in the long run.
You Can Get Along With Anybody
The lesson I got from this is that you really can get along with everyone. There is no need to hold grudges. You never want to burn bridges because you never know when you'll be looking for a job and your interviewer was your worst enemy from high school. I feel like most animosity comes from a specific situation or circumstance where no one behaves as well as they should have, not something actually about a person.

Some nice life lessons courtesy of our pets :)

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