Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Bridezilla

We have actually made quite of bit of wedding progress this week! Finally.

I decided to just have my invites printed by FedEx (formally known as Kinko's). Part of the reason was that I would have to buy new ink and my printer was adding random extra splotches when I printed on card stock paper. Plus then FedEx would cut them for me too, which is good since I am a little wary of the cutting board still since I sliced my fingers open.

So I brought in my pdf versions and talked to a guy, got a quote and he told me the little changes to make to my invites so they would print better. Namely making "t"s in the corners instead of full lines and giving 1/8 inch lee-way since the cutting is not exact. So while I was fixing my stuff, I was having a ton of issues with the program I was using when I was saving it as a PDF some of the images were not appearing. Thinking I was all set, I headed back to FedEx, a different guy helped me and didn't give me a price, but I figured it would be close to the same.

The next day when I go to pick it up, again a different person, the price was about $100 more than what the first guy told me. Ugh. Turns out they made 150 copies of the other information pages, when it clearly says 125 on the order, so that took off like $50, and I figured ah well. Also, this is me being a complete idiot, turns out two of the images did not come over to the PDF version that got printed, so now I have to figure out how to add a "title" to two of my other information pages without it looking too tacky, costing too much, or taking a ton of time. Awesome. I will blame Dylan a little here too since he was hungover all day on Sunday when I was doing this, he was unable to look at everything I did. I rarely count on myself to get everything right, so it's at least partly his fault.

So now we are doing the next steps of constructing the invites and this weekend I will somehow correct the titles that didn't get printed.

I also hot glued the "stems" to the Styrofoam balls for the bouquets so they stay a lot better. I finally had a chance to give one of my BMs some paper, paperclips and glue for flowers since she said she would work on them. She is a craft goddess, so I am excited to have her helping out!

I also called and set up a meeting with our day of coordinator at The Del Ray for when I am in town in April. So I just need to make sure we have all of our vendors in order and our timeline in mind. We will also discuss the decorating, etc. of the space.

While I was working on invites last night, Dylan was going through his music so we can try to find our first dance song. OMG it is such a stressful decision! I cannot for the life of me decide if I want something "older" and slower like Frank Sinatra ish or something more recent and more lively like Jack Johnson or something. Then we can always do a romantic song from a chick flick, or an 80s song. I really have no idea! My guess is we will do something "older" for our first dance song and do something more fun for our recessional song from the ceremony. And we also have to pick an entrance song for the wedding party, which will be more fun and probably from 80s.

We kept listening to music on the drive to my parents house to go pick up our title documents, which randomly got sent to my parents house. So now it was my time for ideas. I played a Coldplay song and Dylan said "No, my best man will make fun of me" And then I *kinda* raised my voice a little and said that it is our wedding and I really don't care what anyone else says about our choice of music. I think there were a couple inappropriate words in there as well... So my one little bridezilla moment. Like I said, it is a stressful decision!

Seriously, I am so excited about making so much progress! Hopefully this keeps up.

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