Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real Simple

As I am daydreaming about my house, I am mostly considering all of the various ways to decorate it.

I am overwhelmed at all of the possibilities and how many different ways there are to decorate one space or table or corner. In general, I do not like a lot of clutter, which is something a lot of designers seem to like. I know I'm all about stuff, but I like space more.

I have spent a lot of time looking at Real Simple's lists of top 20 ways to ____. I love the ones about organizing. There is one about organizing kitchens (here) and one about organizing closets (all types of closets) (here). Both of those definitely gave me some great ideas! A lot of stuff that I will need to revisit once we actually move in.

Organize tupperware, brilliant!

Cook book reader under the cabinet
 I also looked through the bathrooms decorating ideas, none of which really caught my eye. Mostly because our bathrooms are not very big but also because we already have a lot of storage built in so most of it is really already taken care of.

Some of the entry way ideas are creative and practical. I really think something like this might be good: (Entry Decor Ideas Link)

A place to hang the leash and keep shoes to go outside, etc. Plus it's always nice to have a place to sit to take off and put on shoes (not that we will have a "no shoes" policy, but I always take my shoes off because I like barefeet)

Plus we are trying to decide what colors to paint the office, our bedroom, the guest bedroom (the green and blue room, yes we are painting it, it would just be such a pain to have to do later) and the kids bathroom. For the office I am thinking maybe a light yellow or a light gray? I really am struggling. We want it to be pretty basic, but not white. Right now it's the lightish blue that we don't like.

For our bedroom, we picked out our bedding set:

So right now the bedroom is a green, but I cannot decide what color to pick from the bedding. I feel like the cream color would make it too much cream in the room and it would all blend together. Then the curtains are already bronze, so can't do that. There's a silver in there, so maybe that. We also will pick out our bedroom set shortly after we move in, so maybe we'll have that picked out before (buy it after though) and then make sure it will match.

I am thinking a light purplish blue/almost lavender for the guest bedroom. I think this will go really well with the bedding, which is our current bedding set that we will move to the guest bedroom when we get our king size set.
Our current bedding set
 For the kids bathroom, I really have no idea. I am almost thinking of painting it white though. The dark blue is way too blue, and I think there is already a lot of color with the tiles and the ocean/fish shower curtain.
Shower curtain for kids bathroom
 So a lot of things to decide soonish and a lot of decorating that I know will change over time.

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