Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Senator's Wife

Last night at our Valentine's Day celebration, it came up that Dylan had significant political aspirations.  I have heard him mention it before and had mentioned that I would support that, but generally it has not come up much.

Dylan has always been pretty involved in politics and always wants to discuss various topics, opinions and goings-on of the world. I am not always the best audience, mostly because I don't make it a priority to really follow what is going on in the world.

Last night we started talking about blogs and Dylan mentioned that he has considered starting a political blog. I have obviously been very into the blogging concept recently and I think it would be a great outlet for him to organize his thoughts and to think/write out his thoughts since I am not always able or willing to listen to the details of politics. 

This lead to Dylan talking about his renewed interest in running for a political office. His plan is to obviously become relatively successful and have some extra money to use for funding his campaign. The general thought is to run for city council, then state congressman and even then U.S. Congress. if things are going well enough.

I've never thought about being a Congressman's wife, of any type. I definitely think it would have its perks-nice salary, free health care (if he makes it to the U.S. Congress), events where I get to wear fancy clothes, and the title :) No guarantees until anything happens, but it is an interesting prospect.

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