Saturday, October 10, 2015

Marshall: Seven Months

We went from infant to person this month! Marshall is so involved in everything now and on the move.

He weighs 18.4 pounds and is approximately 27.5 inches long. (Vander was 21 pounds and 27.75 inches long for comparison)

This little guy is on the move. He started army crawling on a Monday and by the weekend was doing his in between crawl and army crawl moves. He is pretty fast!

He is excellent at sitting. Unless he sneezes and falls over, which is mostly just hilarious.

Vander has started getting mad at Marshall getting into his things, so the whole sibling thing really begins now.

We have introduced all of the stage two gerber baby foods at this point, as well as puffs, graham crackers, ritz crackers and cheerios. He loves food and is less of a fan of the bottle. He has to be in just the right amount of hungry and tired to eat a bottle. I think this is pretty standard since he would rather be exploring the world instead of being held to eat food. He will hold his own bottle when we do diaper changes though.

His sleep was better this month. We had a couple nights of sleeping through the night, or 8pm to 5am at the very least. We had a couple nights of getting up twice and most often he would get up once. Mostly one week is good and one week is bad.

I am astounded at his dexterity. He is so good with picking things up and moving them around.

Marshall has started discovering cause and effect and loves to knock over a tower of blocks.

He has gotten really into bath time and loves feeling the running water.

He is so so busy and wiggly ALL THE TIME. His demeanor is really happy and laid back still, but he is always kicking his feet when you hold him.

We brought out a lot of new toys this month too. Now I am just trying to decide what, if any, new things to buy for him for Christmas that Vander would also like too.

Marshall enjoys books a lot. I should say Marshall enjoys eating books a lot.

He also loves playing the piano. I was on the phone with Dylan while Marshall was playing and he legitimately was "singing" (yelling) in time every 3 seconds. It was awesome.

Per Grandma, Marshall was asking for "mama" while she was babysitting. I have heard a couple "mama"s but nothing definitely connected with me. But I will totally accept that as his first word :)

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