Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vander at 21 Months

My little munchkin is really not little anymore!

We haven't measured his height, but he is tall enough to bump his head on all the counters if he isn't watching where he is going. He is just about 29 pounds.

Vander loves his big bed. We put it up on a bed frame in January and that transition was entirely seamless. We put a round knob with a childproof door knob cover on his door, and he generally doesn't try to open his door. We generally leave his room at 8:30 and he will chat with his animals for about 20 minutes before falling asleep. He gets up around 7 and take a two hour nap.

Vander eats great at daycare but tends to eat less at home. Partly I think he gets distracted, but we also let him get up whenever he wants. We plan to introduce dinner rules after he turns two. He eats most foods pretty well but he absolutely loves pasta.

He talks all the time at home. He consistently uses two word sentences and has started using bigger sentences. He very clearly said "what did I do?" the other day when he did something unintentional while playing with my phone. So cute! We also get a lot of "please" and "thank you"s.

Overall Vander is a good listener and understands everything you ask him to do. We let him pick between two options. He has started negotiating, like when we tell him "2 more minutes", he will ask for two more minutes by holding up his fingers (5 fingers, no matter what time we tell him). We are consistently working on using our words and not whining and asking for help or thinking through things instead of getting frustrated.

Our daycare moved him up to the next room early so he wouldn't transition while dealing with the baby. He has done really well and they tell us he is really helpful at cleaning up, but if something gets put back in not quite the same spot as before, he tends to reorganize it... No idea where he gets that from...

Now the fun and cute part: Vander's favorite things!
  • Books and reading. One of the few things he will pull off his shelves after we leave him for nap is his books.

  • Being tickled. He just started tickling people back too, which is super cute.
  • Bubble baths

  • Curious George, aka "monkey!"
  • Trains. He pulls out his little train set and puts it together all the time. He loves watching Thomas the Train and Chugginton.

  • Cars and trucks. These are his absolute favorite things in the entire world. He always wants to play in our cars all the time. He yells out "truck" and "bus" when we drive by them.
  • Shoes. He is always putting on his shoes and boots. He can put on most pairs himself now! We find shoes in his bed after nap time a lot. He picks out his shirt, socks and shoes most days. And he usually picks button up shirts, which makes me so happy since he is so adorable in them!
Personality wise he is a goofball and a ham. He loves the camera still and totally poses for pictures. He is very organized and generally great at entertaining himself. He is getting pretty self sufficient and is super helpful (when he wants to be, which is most of the time).

Vander is my little buddy and I have so much fun hanging out with him. He is the bestest!

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