Monday, December 22, 2014

Preparing for Christmas: Lights

While we didn't actually do Christmas lights on our house this year we did go see a lot of lights!

Denver does a great job of helping get everyone in the Holiday spirit.

Since the weather was really mild we decided to go to the Parade of Lights downtown. My pregnancy brain was in full force and I didn't even think about how bad traffic would be to go downtown and find parking... So after already leaving about 45 minutes later than I planned, it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get there.

We still managed to catch about 20 minutes of the parade, which probably worked out just as well for an 18 month old's attention span.

Vander definitely got a kick out of the lights and we even got to see the Mighty Mouse balloon pop up right in front of us!

We hung out around downtown for a while afterwards and got some hot cocoa (Vander's favorite) so it made it worth our while to drive that far and then we didn't have to fight against all the people leaving right after the parade.

We also made it over to the Denver Zoo lights. Again, the weather was really nice (60 degree days the day of and the day after) so it wasn't too cold for any of us. I would say that Vander liked the Zoo lights, but didn't love them. He definitely missed seeing all of the animals and wanted to stay and watch the ones you do get to see for extra long.

We have gone to the Chatfield Botanic Garden Trail of Lights before too, but we prefer to do that when it is snowing since that makes it so pretty. I don't know if we will make it this year, but two light activities is pretty good!

What holiday events do you guys like to do?

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