Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pregnancy 2.0: Weeks 25-28

My apologies to myself and those who read my blog for totally slacking for two and a half months on blogging. Between the holidays, busy season at work, a toddler and being pregnant, I just didn't feel like taking time to blog. And I decided to be ok with that. I still had a lot of blog ideas in my head and sincerely missed it, but just felt I needed to focus on other things, like sleep. Either way, I am back at least through my maternity leave!

I was still pretty good about taking pictures throughout my pregnancy, so I wanted to share those as well as some of my thoughts I managed to write down throughout the last trimester. 

25 Weeks
Definitely seeing kicks from the outside now!

Having dreams about going into labor. Even little details like having to breathe through contractions. 

26 Weeks

I am already getting laughed at for how I get out of my chair at work.

27 Weeks

My sister and mom got to feel a lot of baby kicks, but he kicks at Vander the most. These kicks are getting pretty big!

I had a lot of room to eat whatever I wanted, which was nice. I remember last time that I definitely ran out of room for food. 

Biggest complaints are the significant amount of heartburn and the Braxton Hicks that already come more often than last time.

28 Weeks

I had a lot of energy basically right through Christmas, and then started falling asleep while Dylan was getting Vander ready for bed, which is like 7:30...

My nesting has kicked in. I told Dylan I would be anxious until we get the dresser for the nursery. We have the crib and glider from Vander's room in the new nursery, and we have the closet shelves installed, but I feel that I can't really put anything away until I have the dresser. Mostly just need something to be anxious about!

We did decide we could be totally ready to bring a baby home in four hours. We just need to set up the pack n play and wash some clothes. We have some diapers purchased, since they were on sale at Costco.  I made sure my parents are not going anywhere over the next couple months. 

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