Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pregnancy 2.0: Weeks 29-32

29 Weeks
My 27th Birthday!
Just general excitement about adding to our family! Trying to keep low expectations about how the new little guy will be with eating and sleeping.

 30 Weeks

I had my first "ready to be done" moment. It is just getting hard to move easily and I am sick of going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME.

31 Weeks

I pulled out Vander's 0-6 month size clothes. So fun thinking about how little he was and the memories from when he wore some of the outfits! Pregnancy hormones definitely got the best of me and I totally teared up. Partly due to thinking about how big Vander is and partly due to the fact that a whole new little person will be wearing all these clothes!

Looking at all the baby stuff made it feel like it really wasn't that long ago that we used it the first time.  Some of it has only been put away for about a year. It is just crazy how fast time goes! 

 32 Weeks

The baby is gaining about a half pound a week now and I consistently feel more and more stretched.

I can tell he is making use of his growing size too since those kicks come a lot and they are big. I know I couldn't feel Vander as well, but this little guy is definitely busier than Vander was!

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