Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pregnancy 2.0: Weeks 33-37

33 Weeks

Total failure and didn't get any pictures during week 33.

During week 33, my belly button officially popped out. Not a fan of having an outie, but I don't really have much choice in the matter! During my pregnancy with Vander, my belly button didn't officially pop out until the week I had Vander.

34 Weeks

One night the little guy was moving around like crazy when I was trying to go to bed, so I asked Dylan to sing to him and the baby was totally still while he was singing and then started moving again when he stopped. So cute!

I have had a little bit of swelling due to the heat, but nothing significant. I prefer running around without shoes anyways.

Getting dressed in general is my least favorite activity. The warm weather makes it easier since I can wear dresses and sandals, but the snowy days suck since I need to wear boots at least outside. I got a couple new dresses when I bought a new dress for our maternity photo shoot. I figured I have potentially six more weeks of struggling to find clothes to wear, so I might as well make it a little more pleasant.

35 Weeks

Failure again! Clearly I was one tired mom.

I had a delightful false labor. For about seven hours I was having contractions every four to fifteen minutes, but never consistent and they never really got stronger. The worst part is how distracting it is from work! It is hard enough to focus with a baby on my mind, but all of the physical interruptions don't help.  I mentioned this to my doctor and she decided to do a cervical check (a week earlier than normal) just to get a baseline and I was two centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. My doctor said she would be surprised if I made it to 38 weeks.

36 Weeks

After two weeks of feeling like I was going to go into labor at any point in time, I have now had several days where I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever.  I also have to remind myself that I had no idea I was going into labor with Vander when I got up that morning. I just get more uncomfortable by the day. It is so hard to move around, let alone play and interact with my busy boy Vander. 

Plus I am motivated to have this little guy while my sister is in town, March 7-11, if not before. While I have no medical backing since they legally have to use the dating ultrasound which put our due date at March 20th, I really do feel like using the last period date as the basis for my due date, March 12, is more appropriate. The 12 and 20 week ultrasounds put the baby 3 and 5 days ahead of the March 20th date, so basically right in between the two due dates. 

At my weekly doctor appointment, I am now measuring three centimeters, so at least some progress!

I fully packed the hospital bag and wrote out the couple items Dylan or I will need to grab to put in the bag when the time comes. 

37 Weeks

The carseat bases are installed in both cars and the carseat itself is clean. 

We are so completely ready. Ready for my heartburn and contractions to be done. Ready for our family to be complete. Ready to not be tired. Ready to be done waiting! 

I tried going on a walk with one of my friends at the mall since it isn't nice enough to go outside, to try to encourage this little guy to vacate. I told Dylan I was hoping to give him a really excited call that I was going into labor. I obviously had no luck. 

I asked Dylan how I was during labor last time, and he said overall I was really calm and easy going. That made me feel good about going into it all again. They say you block out most of the details of labor, so I wanted to double check with him to make sure I wasn't too crazy.

Last pictures of this pregnancy! These were taken at the hospital.

Plus a comparison photo of the last photo of my pregnancy with Vander and the second to last day of this pregnancy. 

Overall this pregnancy was comparable to my pregnancy with Vander. My doctor always said I am great at being pregnant. I definitely got uncomfortable with this pregnancy earlier, mostly due to the heartburn and contractions. Already having a child made a difference too, since I was definitely more tired and also struggled with wanting to play with Vander more but not being able to move easily. 

Next post: Baby Birth Story!

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