Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bridal Shower: High Tea and Tiffany's Theme

One of my long time friends got married a couple weeks ago and I was honored to be able to host the bridal shower the week before!

It was a more intimate wedding, so there were six of us invited to and attending the bridal shower. The small size was perfect since it meant I could spend a little extra on the details and it made for a great intimate atmosphere. 

A couple of us had been to the Brown Palace for high tea a couple months before and absolutely loved it, so I thought that might be a fun way to do brunch since it was a small group. 

I started out by ordering these gorgeous invitations that were all high tea themed:

The invites were perfect for the atmosphere of the event and so much fun to pick out (Thank you Zazzle!)

The color of the wedding was Tiffany Blue, so I used that as the color theme for the rest of the shower.

Since we were going to a restaurant more of less, that meant I didn't need to coordinate food or drinks or much decoration, so it was probably the easiest bridal shower I will ever throw! That left me time and energy to pull together some activities for us to do during the shower.

After some research into options, I chose to do an advice card, a "Finish the Phrase" game and some wedding trivia. I pulled together my stuff from various online places and printed them on Tiffany Blue card stock. The advice cards were separate and the games were on either side of the same piece. It ended up being the perfect amount of activity to keep the conversation flowing and entertain us while we enjoyed our tea and snacks.
They really were Tiffany Blue, but my lighting was terrible

Since it was a small group, I did a favor for everyone that included cookies from a bakery I have used before, nail polish in Tiffany Blue, and eos lip balm since they come in Tiffany Blue.

I had gotten everything ready the day before since I had a terrible dream the bride moved the party up a day to her mom's house and I forgot half of her stuff... 

The day of I set up the table and took some pictures of the setting. I completely forgot to take pictures of the actual food and tea, but we got to pick three teas and we get a three tiered tray full of scones, mini sandwiches and little desserts. It is all super delicious. 

The whole event was so much fun to plan and to be at! I loved every minute of it. I think I probably enjoyed it more than my own bridal shower just because I am a planner at heart and liked knowing what was going on and being involved in all of it. 

I think everyone else had a great time too!

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