Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pregnancy 2.0: Weeks 7 v. 2 through 9

Three more weeks down, five more to catch up!
Week 7 version 2
Per my last post, our due date was changed at our first ultrasound, so I had a chance to “re do” my seventh week again.
Based on the dramatic increase in negative pregnancy symptoms, it was quite a week!
My nausea started up. I had a significant increase in the amount of food I felt the need to eat and now am back to my eating two breakfasts every day. The lower back/hip pain is back this pregnancy with what feels like a vengeance. Looking back at my last pregnancy journal it was really probably about the same, but I bend over a lot more with chasing Vander around.
I am starting to wonder when work will notice that I have only been wearing loose fitting clothes…
Week 8
Only one tiny bit of nausea this week and overall I felt really well, which doesn’t help with my still being nervous about the baby growing!
What also didn’t help was I had some old blood looking discharge, Saturday through Tuesday off and on, which I hadn’t had at all with Vander, so I decided to call the nurse line and I got another ultrasound Wednesday.
(I accidently posted the picture from this second ultrasound instead of the first one last time! I have updated the first post now!)

She was looking great! Her heart rate was 177 and we could see little leg and tiny arm buds. She was measuring a couple days ahead, so right in between the original and final due date, which made me just as relieved as seeing her little heart beating! Vander was always crazy, hence “wigglebug” for his in utero nick name, but she only moved a little bit, which was so super cute! my doctor called that afternoon and told me the discharge appeared to be from a blood clot from implantation and she sees it about 1 in every four pregnancies and that it shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Since I had had two ultrasounds by this point and had been out of the office for the appointments, in addition to my growing belly bump, I figured it was time to tell my work. I told my boss right when I got back from the ultrasound appointment. She was excited and supportive, even though I was going to be out of work during part of our busy season. I told her I planned to tell everyone else at the office the next day, but wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be caught off-guard about it. I brought in cupcakes as the obligatory sweet treat for good news. Generally everyone wasn’t too surprised. I had a very polite comment related to me not looking as thin, one person saw me go right into our boss’s office when I got in from my appointment the day before and thought something had to be up, and another co-worker who had to use my computer and saw me googling Harry Potter pregnancy announcements… It is so nice to not have to be quiet about it anymore and to be able to wear whatever clothes I want.
Week 9
I am glad I got at least one week off of feeling like dirt since I felt crappy every day this whole week from about 10am to 7pm. I definitely go to bed at the same time as Vander. 
The pregnancy brain has fully kicked in since I am completely forgetful. I couldn't even find the silverware in my own house, which has never been moved in the 3+ years we have lived here.
I may have already popped on the belly front...
Dylan and I had a moment watching Vander play when we fully realized we are going back to the beginning again with this whole new baby thing. Vander is so independent (compared to what he was) that it will be strange to be 100% relied on again. Exciting, but it will be a big change!
Alcohol officially doesn't taste good. I had the occasional glass of wine with Vander and it tasted just the same was usual. This time around I had a sip of Dylan's Shock Top at the Broncos pre-game we went to and it tasted like weird tasting water, and I normally really enjoy Shock Top! Then with wine, they all just taste like cheap watery table wine. To each their own on their opinions on drinks while pregnant but I am really sad that I can't even get any enjoyment out of a simple glass of wine! 
I am deep in the midst of food aversions, so one night when everyone else was eating Chinese food, I tried eating a bowl of cereal. Then all Vander wanted to eat was my cereal. Guess I have to suck it up and eat real food!

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