Monday, May 5, 2014

Transitioning and Reorganizing

I posted a couple weeks ago about our plans to transform my office/craft room into a playroom. I have been clearing it out in my spare time and just started putting things back into the craft closet. I am so excited about the progress I just had to share!

Previously the closet had a couple storage things in it and the traditional bar and shelf all closets start out with. In an ideal world I would have loved to do a whole fancy shelving system, but between trying to do some things on a budget and knowing that the room will always be transitioning based on my kids' ages and interests, I figured we would use what we have.

The closet, which has pretty much stayed the same
Craft table
Previous organization

The craft table from the room was a basic board screwed onto two $20 Target bookshelves. With the craft table leaving, we happened to have two white bookshelves that happened the fit exactly into the closet next to my IKEA filing cabinet.

Even better, once I started trying to get a feel for what all organization options I had with what items we already owned, it turns out that I can stack the storage boxes on the bookshelves so that doubles all of that storage and the baskets fit perfectly on the closet shelf underneath the low hanging ceiling! I am an even better shopper and organizer than I realized!

There is still a lot to do to put everything we did decide to keep back in the closet, but I am glad I have time to really think about it and decide what might work best.

For the rest of the playroom, things are coming along nicely. We got our IKEA castle tent and I couldn't resist and showing it off to Vander briefly.

We also got our Harry Potter themed stuff animals that will go with the castle.

We decided on the set of shelves we want in the playroom, I will get to buy those soon and start putting those together.

Vander's chair from Pottery Barn keeps getting pushed out on back order, but hopefully we get it eventually.

Finally, the table and chairs, knights of the round table style, have not been started yet, but our carpenter had a death in the family and shingles, so it has been a rough couple weeks! I am committed to getting what I really want for that, so I can just keep waiting!

Overall things are coming along, but May is such a busy month for us I need to keep trying to focus when I can. I am so glad I have such a fun space to reorganize!


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