Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Transitioning to 2014

As I am getting ready to head back to work after an amazing 12 days off, I am not only reflecting on how my holidays went, but also how 2013 went for me and how I want 2014 to be.

Dylan and I had the most fantastic year, thanks to an easy going pregnancy and Vander coming into our lives. Dylan and I have gotten to know more about each other as we have started learning about parenting. We have made a bunch of new friends through other moms. We have gotten even closer with my parents as we are spending more time with them since Vander has arrived. And Dylan's parents too since they come to visit more often now.

It was a year full of emotions; I didn't even realize I was capable of feeling so much! I know everyone says it, but you really cannot understand how much love you will feel for someone until you become a parent. With that love comes all sorts of fear and guilt and worry.

Which has pretty much been my Winter Break in a nutshell. I got to spend a ton of time with Vander, which was my main goal and even more fun than I could have asked for. I got to see a bunch of family, spend a lot of time with my sister, visit with some friends and get some downtime with Dylan too. Now that I am facing going back to work, and facing a new year, it is hard to figure out how to line up my expectations and maximize my happiness.

I am not a huge resolution person, but I have been a little unfocused recently, so I figured it can't hurt to have some priorities.

Dylan and I really want to make an effort to cook more. That will inevitably involve some level of meal planning, so we still need to figure out the best way to get back into cooking more. (Dylan made an excellent meal for New Year's Eve, so that is a great start in my book!) As Vander is more and more able to eat our food, it will become increasingly important to make healthy and diverse foods.

My personal goal is to figure out and define my values. I realized that I don't know exactly what my priorities are in life. I have changed so much since becoming a mom and I haven't really had the time to sort it all out. I clearly haven't had as much time for blogging, which is one of the best ways for me to process things, so hopefully I am able to get back into blogging as an outlet rather that just an information source for friends and family about Vander.

Onwards to a great 2014!

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