Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seven Months

Vander is seven months old today!

Like every month, so much has happened.

Stats first: He is 21 pounds and not quite 28 inches long, so we'll say 27 3/4 inches long. He is right in between nine and twelve months clothes.

We upgraded to a new carseat this month. We had noticed after we got back from Thanksgiving that he was getting a little big for his carrier carseat. The ladies at daycare even mentioned it was looking a little snug. So much for lasting until he weighs 35 pounds. It was getting REALLY heavy to carry Vander plus the carrier, so we figured it was time.  We went with the Chicco Nextfit. It definitely had the best reviews, but of course it was also the most expensive. It is super comfy. Our main concern is that he will no long be able to nap when we go places (out of the car) and he will have to sit in the cart at stores. Now we also have to make sure he is bundled up when we bring him in and out of the car. Guess it is all part of him growing up!

When we aren't driving Vander around, he gets around by rolling and rotating. He is not actually crawling still, but he definitely gets plenty of opportunity to. He will put his butt up in the air to roll himself over things, but will not go on his knees.  He moves all over the place though, always with a huge smile on his face. His favorite is still when you walk him around by holding his hands. He is getting so fast at it too! We really need to start baby proofing, but I am not sure where to start.

Vander is definitely a busy boy, but he is also really self entertained, which is awesome. I absolutely love this age, and his self-sufficiency is a huge part of it. He loves playing with his toys, his bath toys, the laundry basket, his monster lovey, his blanket, our phones, the Christmas tree, and pretty much anything we will let him play with.

I already shared about his new foods this month. His first teeth (the bottom two) finally popped out right at the beginning of the month and he is hard core working on the next four (the two bottom teeth  on the sides seem more ready to come through more than the two on top at the moment). It took a long while for his first two teeth to come through, but this round of teething has been much more intense. Hopefully that means we get through this sooner rather than later.

All this teething means he isn't sleep well again... He has been waking up at like 12:45 to eat and then around 4am because his teeth hurt. So we give him some baby Tylenol and rock him back to sleep. And this is exactly why sleep training only goes so far... Teething is by far my least favorite thing of babyhood.

What a great month! I am looking forward to the next month of Vander!

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