Saturday, September 14, 2013

For the Love of Coffee

That's right, I said love and coffee in the same sentence. Most people know I historically never liked coffee, until I went to Italy last year. I didn't even like coffee flavored things.

What started in Italy has definitely grown. Pumpkin spice lattes, cappuccinos and skinny vanilla lattes. No just plain coffee though... maybe next year?

With that in mind, and my brain and hands itching to reorganize, we set about making a coffee station in our kitchen.

I had gotten the idea probably around nine months ago on Pinterest. I have since then gathered some other good ideas too...

Source Google Images
Source Google Images
Source Google Images

The coffee stuff was taking up a whole section of the counter and after all the inspiration I thought we might give it a try.

Prior coffee space

We had a little rolling cart we stole from my sisters bedroom when she moved to Billings that we thought would be great to try out a coffee cart.

The standard coffee maker was moved into the center island since Dylan and I really only drink espresso. We have our espresso maker and grinder on top, with our little cup and plate stand.

I put all of our tea in one basket/bag and all of the other coffees and filters in the other one.

Since it is less than counter height, it is a little short, especially for Dylan. It has been a great trial run to see if we like having the coffee stuff separate, if we really use the extra counter space and pantry space and if we like how the kitchen looks overall.

We have both loved it! Whenever we find the perfect cart at a decent price we will definitely upgrade. I would also get some more formal baskets to hold things. We haven't committed to if we want something that has a rack to hang things from.

It has also been really convenient to have that spot on the counter available for cooking and baking.

I expect we will use it more this fall and winter when it is actually cold out.


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