Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Month of Vander

Vander is one month old today! I survived being a parent for the first month :)
His unofficial (taken by Dylan and I, not the doctor) stats are that he is 23 inches long and 12.2 pounds! That means he has grown 3 inches and gained 4 pounds in a month! That is crazy. He never had much of a newborn look but he is huge.
He has started sleeping longer at night, the last two nights he has gone like 5 hours between his first feeding and then three hours until the next feeding, so that is just one feeding a night. That means good sleep for mom. Except that he is a noisy sleeper, so we will see how long he stays in our room.
Vander is also awake for about 5 hours in the evening usually ending around 11pm. I am a morning person, so I usually feed him at like 10 and Dylan hangs out with him until he falls asleep. He is also awake for at least an hour in the morning and usually another hour or so in the afternoon. He definitely has his nights and days down.
Hanging with Super G at my cousins wedding
He loves movement so walks in the stroller and driving in the car are totally his thing.
Family picture :)
Vander also loves to be on my lap and practice standing and stretching his legs and using his arms to hold himself off my chest. His head control is doing well, not perfect but great considering his age!
With his second cousin Rylee who is two weeks younger than him and Great Grandma
He has been so much fun and such a cutie pie :)

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