Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 39: Waiting Game

We are definitely in waiting mode these days.

I keep trying to get things started. One girl was vacuuming and her water broke, so I have actually been helping with chores more than I was. I read that Wednesday of last week and danced around making waffles and I vacuumed half the house. No luck. I vacuumed and mopped the main level this weekend, and still no luck. I have been bouncing on my workout ball, no luck. I have been trying to take a walk most days to move him down and no luck so far. Guess he just isn't ready yet. Hopefully soon though.
Daily pics these days! Last Wednesday
My doctors appointment this week was pretty non-eventful. We are a full 2 centimeters dilated now and still 75% effaced. The little man is still all lined up and ready to go.
I know the baby can slow down his movements during the last couple weeks, but we had our first bit of a scare this week. Saturday morning I had been up for about an hour, had already eaten breakfast and was in the shower when I realized I hadn't felt him kicking yet. He usually moves in the mornings and on the weekends he will say good morning before I have really gotten out of bed or eaten anything, so it really was unusual for him to not have moved yet. Well that of course got me worried so I sent Dylan for donuts when I got out of the shower. I proceeded to get more worried while I was getting ready and mostly just wanted to drink some orange juice and lay on my left side as soon as possible. But of course every little thing was making me that much more upset. I couldn't find my shorts. I couldn't get the lid back on the orange juice. I eventually got to laying down upstairs and trying to calm myself down and was trying to make the little man wake up. We finally got two little kicks right when Dylan got home. Phew! Then a couple minutes later a much bigger kick and in the end it only took about 25 minutes to get all 10 kicks in (you need 10 kicks in two hours).
The whole experience made me want this baby to be here that much more. It is so hard to really know if everything is ok while he is in there and I can't see him. At least when he is here I can go see if he is actually breathing or bleeding or what have you. But then again, any respiratory issues, or ear aches or tummy aches are things that I can't see. So really I guess this is just really good preparation for being a parent. I have to get used to worrying all the time that something might go wrong. I also have to learn to deal with it better. Crying and freaking out are probably not going to actually help the situation. We will blame the hormones and the whole first time parent thing and hope we handle it better next time.
We keep getting as many little things ready as possible. We got the replacement piece for the glider and that is all put together! We hung up our pictures and should be getting the last piece of decor tomorrow. So the last thing we'll be missing for the nursery is the curtains that will be made after my mother in law arrives. I put together the bouncer chair, in part so we could get rid of some more boxes.
Speaking of boxes we broke all the boxes down and cleaned out the garage this weekend. It was worse than Christmas with how many boxes we had! Crib, stroller, car seat, glider, pack 'n' play, the list goes on. I generally had a lot of energy this weekend, but that may be due to getting so much sleep this weekend. I got 10-11 each night this weekend. So at least my body is getting rest while it can. It is also being really swollen these days :/ But overall I have been pretty comfortable.
Otherwise I am just trying to enjoy time with Dylan and give the puppies attention and try to not be too impatient. I felt overly hopeful last week and now I feel like I am more resigned to waiting the next week or potentially longer. Not that I want to wait, but being so hopeful every night I go to bed makes me that much more disappointed in the mornings. So I am trying to minimize the part of me the hopes my water breaks every time I roll over at night.

Let's hope we have a baby before my next post is due!

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