Saturday, September 1, 2012

Music is in the Air

Little update on my music scene...

About a month ago we went to Florence and the Machine at Red Rocks! She was awesome. and a little out there, lol. She was very into being at Red Rocks (since it is gorgeous after all).
The weather was perfect and Dylan and I had a blast going out together!
We have Jason Mraz coming up in September and I am super excited! After the Florence concert, I realized that I have seen pretty much all of my favorite bands. Which either means I don't need to go to many more concerts or I need to get some more favorites :)

Other things going on in my music world is that I am in my semi-annual phase of getting new music.

The only way I tend to know anything about what is going on is thanks to my satellite radio, which tells me the name of the artists.

I just bought Morning Parade's album since I fell in love with their song "Headlights." Definitely check it out! The rest of the album is great too. I'm terrible at describing music, but it's been getting more popular on Alt Nation!

I also bought the Of Monster and Men album, which I am entirely in love with. Kind of reminds me of Florence and the Machine, but I love the combination of the male and female vocals. 

Even better, I have a whole list of albums I want to buy now and a ton that come out in September!

Passion Pit's new album came out in July, which I still want to get.

Two Door Cinema Club new album 9/3
Avett Brothers 9/11
Grizzly Bear 9/13. I don't own any of their music but they come up on my Florence and the Machine Pandora station a lot.
Xx 9/17 Same as for Grizzly Bear, I don't own any thing of theirs, but I definitely want to check out their new album.
Mumford & Sons 9/24

Should be a busy month jamming out!

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