Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Done and Done!

This weekend we finally put together the main level bathroom and hung up my completed lyric art!

Check out all of the steps/progress here, and here is where it was last time I updated you:
Since then I have painted the mirror frame white and hung up my completed lyric art with our first dance song- "The Way You Look Tonight" by Tony Bennett!

The lyric art turned out great, minus the imperfections. But considering the challenge I faced with the letters and just hoping it would end out on the right part of the song... I will take it. Plus it looks and is very unique. It really is exactly what I hoped for! And I think it looks great on the wall in the bathroom.

To make my lyric art, I took a 24"x36" canvas and 1) painted it white, 2) bought three packs of 2" vinyl peel and stick letters, 3) laid out the letters for approximately 1/3 of the canvas (I ran out of 'W's the first third) 4) spray painted that section purple (using printer paper taped on to limit where the spray paint went) 5) repeated laying out the letters for the next thirds of the canvas 6) used the finishing spray to make it glossy (they only had the little cans of purple paint, and it wasn't glossy and had a tendency to "rub off" a little bit) then 7) added the wire to hang it up and VOILA!

I had planned out the layout before on the computer and just did a terrible job of actually accounting for the size of the letters. If I have any recommendations, that would be it. Find a font that matches the sizing of the letters and use that to plan. I would also recommend using a ruler to draw out the lines of where to place the letters. I was worried about not having enough space, so I crammed things in too much and it made them uneven. It was hard to tell they were that off when I was laying them out on my craft table, but the full effect if more obvious.

I still have a couple little things I want to do, but I will definitely call this project complete since the rest is all decorating. I want to get something to hide a trash can in. I will put a white shelf under the picture to put decor on. The full second project for this bathroom is to build in shelves on the wall across, like this:
I obviously love having more purple and getting to use the great hand towels Dylan's Aunt Sue Ellen made for our wedding. I am just so excited to have a bathroom that I don't hate anymore!

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