Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Magical Tour Through Time and Legend

Two weekends ago (yes I am very behind, but between work and living life we haven't been home!), my parents, Dylan and I went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

Somehow, despite both Dylan and I's bordering-on-extreme nerdiness, neither of us had even been to a Ren Fair! Needless to say, we both loved it!

One of the things that I liked the best, keeping in mind the fact that we will eventually have chillins, is that there was a lot of stuff to do for both boys and girls. Knights, princesses, pirates, fairies.

It was also pretty well balanced with stuff to do for adults and kids. A couple of rides for the kids (manually operated, so cool!), shows that both generations can enjoy, drinking (including Ale and Wine themed weekends), a good variety of food, and shopping!

It is a permanent site, but it is only open on the weekends for about two months during the summer. The buildings are really cool and add a lot to the atmosphere.

We experienced one of the jousting matches. Knights, lances, swords, and complete with a kiss from the princess!

After the jousting, we headed over to see Puke & Snot, a comedic duo with two hilarious old guys.

Then we bummed around a bit, browsing the shopping and grabbing some snacks. I definitely need to have a bigger budget next time I go! There are a lot of great artisans there.

It was really hot the day we went, so we left around 2:30 in the afternoon. I mostly just cannot believe I had never been before! I feel like I would have had a lot more fun here than at an amusement park growing up.

I will definitely go back again, especially with chillins. I definitely think Dylan and I would dress up next time we go, since we are cool like that.

If you have a chance, definitely go check out the Colorado Renaissance Festival next year!

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