Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Main Level Bath: Stage 1.5

Finally making a small step of progress with the main level bath!

It started like this:

Then it sat like this for about a month:

Then two weeks ago we finally hung up the mirror:
And also removed the door (one of those folding, sliding kind, it took up all the space between the laundry room and the towel bar) between the bathroom and the laundry:

Ah it looks so much better!

Next steps:
-Make some subway lyrics art now that I have my craft room closer to ready
-Buy a shelf for under the art, above the toilet
-Paint the mirror frame white (?)
-Get a curtain to go between the laundry room and bathroom (mostly to cover up the lack of perfect line of paint, but also for guest privacy)
-Put up some baskets on the wall across from the toilet for magazines, etc.

Pretty low on the priority list, but they are things we can add one at a time and keep an eye out for!

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