Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuscany Day 2

One of our favorite days of our trip was our second day in Tuscany.

Dylan had a great time driving! We had a little Fiat and it was fun to drive around the Tuscan hills in. One thing we enjoyed was how much English (American or British) music was played. We could pretty much always find a song in English. I knew most of it, and a lot 70s and 80s music. The best part was when the theme James Bond came on when Bond is driving through the Tuscan country side, while we were driving through the Tuscan country side.

We made it up to Montepulciano. We found a place to park near the bottom of the hill and then made our way to the top to the Piazza Grande with the infamous tower from New Moon. As we were making the steep trek up (this place is the epitome of what they all a hill town) the church bells struck noon. I realized I was going to be late to save Edward!

We ended up making it up there five minutes late...

But at least I had my Dylan to stand in Edward's place for a picture.

We were there pretty early in the day, so we walked around the town taking in the amazing views and seeing a couple of the sites like the fortezza.

After a delicious lunch, we tried the Vino Nobile, which is from the Montepulciano region. It was pretty good, but didn't quite excite our taste buds enough to be especially interested.

Then we headed over to Montalcino. Turns out we really love Brunello wine :) Our case just arrived on Monday that we ordered from here.

We bummed around for a couple and got some gelato.

Then we figured time-wise it would work best to eat in Siena, which was on our way back. Since it was rainy and a Sunday evening, it was really quiet out, until we got to the main square, Il Campo.

We ate dinner outside still since they had giant awnings to block the rain and then we headed back to our hotel to get some rest before our wine tour the next day. 

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