Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tuscany Day 1

This was definitely our least busy day, but that was good after the day before at the Vatican. And that's not to say it wasn't hectic.

We started out by taking the train from Rome to Florence (aka Firenze). It was so sweet to make it up to Firenze in an hour and a half, which is comparable to driving from my house to the far side of Fort Collins. The train was nice except for the tunnels, which caused my ears to need to pop.

Then we made it over to the car rental place, and they were out of GPSs so that put a little bit of a kink in our driving plans, especially when the town our hotel was in was so small. Eventually we made it to the hotel.

It was totally worth the driving around for!

This is our room and the views from our windows:

We chilled for a little bit in our room enjoying the free champagne and reading about the history to Hotel Pitiana.

Then walked the grounds before having dinner at the Hotel restuarant.

Then we turned in pretty early after traveling all day and so we could drive more the next day through the hill towns of Tuscany!

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