Friday, May 18, 2012

Crafters Dream Space

Oh no! I am just about done with my basic craft desk for my craft room/office and now I have stumbled upon this in a guest post at iHeart Organizing

OMG this gives me organiz-asms like you wouldn’t believe.

So much storage, a place for everything and it folds up into a beautiful box that hides it all when not in use.

I cannot believe how amazingly perfect this would be for me! Since that room will also function as a sort of guest bedroom, this is perfect to allow me to have my work space but also closes up to give space for someone to move around and have their stuff there.

All for the small price of $945 for the Craftbox (basic doors not shelves) to $1695 for the fancy versions of the Workbox. My eye is on the white Workbox… With those prices in mind I feel much better about my $70 craft desk that will definitely work for me for a good while. Especially since we will have a guest bedroom upstairs for quite a few more years.

This is definitely going on my to-save-for list, just near the bottom for now.

Once I recover from my wisdom teeth, which just got removed this morning and I am sure they will get worse before they get better, I will reveal my craft room and office once we get the last couple basic pieces in.  Then I get to organize :)

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