Monday, April 16, 2012

My Other Addiction

Office supplies.

I heart them. It's kind of a problem.

You can ask my mom, I have always loved them. When stores would first put out their school supplies in the summer, I would beg to go shopping, even if I hadn't received my school supply list.

Mechanical pencils, trapper keepers, folders, glue, markers, you name it, I loved it. (Especially if it was Lisa Frank!)

These days my sights are higher (price wise) but just as impatient.

One of my favorite aisles at Costco is the office supplies. Giant packs of highlighters and scissors on one side, label makers and laminators on the other.

My eyes are on the laminator and label maker these days. (Can you imagine me with a label maker? Let's just say Dylan is very afraid...)

We just bought a new printer...
It is the HP 7515 Photosmart e-All-In-One Wireless. Super fancy. And pretty much cheaper than buying new ink. It has a touch screen, you can print wirelessly (the main goal since it will be the closet in the new office!), you can print directly from your iPhone or iPad, it has a document feeder, it scans and copies. Basically the coolest printer ever. We bought it a couple weeks ago, and then Costco lowered the price, so we got refunded the new price this weekend and still have yet to set it up (and I need my office to really do so...)

Other things on my office supplies list include:

Paper shredder, yes please! I just sorted through my files two weeks ago and I have a sizable stack of things to shred, but no shredder!

Pretty[er] filing cabinet from IKEA. I really like this:
It is an even longer list, believe me, but those are the key items on my mind right now.

I did also spend some time at Office Max a couple weeks ago and bought this little beauty for our mini office in the kitchen. (Whenever I actually get my office and actually get time to work on my home management binder I'm sure I'll go through this organization system of mine more)
We use it to sort the mail and keep track of a couple other items.

So while I am still gathering ideas for my office, I have plenty of excuses to go bum around the office supply aisles and office retail stores... And I am really good at drooling over looking at office supplies.

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