Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Concert Season 2012

Apparently it is concert season around these parts!

After not attending many concerts these last couple years, due to funding and also sick of being rained out of concerts the years before, I am back in the concert going mood.

I went to Death Cab for Cutie with my mom last week:
They were with Magik Magik orchestra (to the right)

It was amazing. So much fun. Low was the opening band, which I have heard them on some of my Pandora stations.

At the end of next week I have Snow Patrol with my mom, aunt and cousin. I have seen them before and it is a really fun concert.

A couple weeks ago Dylan and I bought tickets to Florence + The Machine for the end of July. One of my favorite bands by far. Dylan said he is legitimately looking forward to going (he does know all the songs since I control the radio 95% of the time).

Then this weekend we bought tickets to Jason Mraz for the end of September. As Dylan put it, Jason Mraz is kind of our relationship music, since a couple of his songs were on the mixed CD Dylan gave me before we started dating and We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things is one of our go-to road trips albums.

I guess we are making up for lost time!

I think we are also keeping in mind that we won't have extra funds, time or energy for concerts next year (I'm not allowed to talk about the "b" word until after we get back from Italy, at least to Dylan, so that either means I'll stop thinking about babies (highly unlikely) or I'll just have to blog all my baby thoughts instead since Dylan doesn't read my blog (or care if I blog about it) and all those thoughts have to go somewhere!)

I also just bought the new Jason Mraz album that was released today. It is awesome. Very summery and lovey.

Any one else have some sweet concerts coming up soon or this summer?

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