Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Floor Saga Ends!

After we had our flood last December, we needed to replace the flooring in my office/craft room.

Monday I finally got my floor!

There was a lot of transitioning my "office" in and out of the room due to various stages of taking out the floor in the basement, needing the space in the rest of the basement, etc.

The floor itself was a lot of work to get into place. We started out about two months ago wanting to go with the Pergo type flooring and ultimately decided to have Home Depot install it.

They came and measured and in the end, our floor isn't level. In order to get it level we would have had to pay someone to do it or we would have had to rent a grinding machine to grind it down (there was a high point in the middle) and then level it out with leveling compound. It sounded like a lot of work and too many variables or too much cost.

So we ended up with carpet. Part of the reason I wanted the vinyl flooring was it is going in a craft room and I want my things to be able to move about easily and make it a little easier to pick up any messes. But the cost difference of $500+ dollars made it not worth it. Plus it is a lot cozier with carpet.

Here is how it turned out!

The floor is so comfy I could almost sleep on it! I think the color works well with the walls and is dark enough it won't show too much.

The room is already much warmer having carpet down than the bare concrete floor (obviously...).

Well now I can start putting stuff in my room and actually put my many decorating and design plans into action (see my cave post about what I am more or less going for).

Can't wait to show off my room once I have made some progress! I literally only have one filing cabinet in there right now and a big empty room. I've been putting things together and getting my measuring on. I probably won't make a whole lot of progress until we get back from Italy, which I think is fair. Believe me though, I have been looking forward to this room since October, so it's giving Italy a run for its money on the excitement scale.

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