Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Party Time

‘Tis that time of year! Dylan’s company had his the first week of December and mine was last week. Both were very different but a lot of fun.

Dylan and I are both at new jobs so this was our first big party with our companies.

Dylan’s party allowed spouses, so it was a great chance to get to meet his co-workers and put faces with the names I hear a lot (in a good way!). It was at a hotel downtown and had a games theme. There as giant Jenga and ConnectFour and we were in the Marco Polo Ballroom. It was a buffet dinner with a pasta station and a meat carving station (I hit up the pasta station, yum!). Everyone got two drink tickets and then it was a cash bar.  They did a raffle with probably 50 prizes, yet somehow Dylan and I didn’t win anything… They had a “Name That Tune” competition where two people competed to guess the tune in a certain number of seconds. It was pretty funny and I definitely did not play since I am not that quick on music (love to listen to it, but I hardly ever know who it is). Overall a great time and I really enjoyed meeting the people he worked with.
I wore my Senior Year Highschool Homecoming dress and Dylan wore his new suit!
My party was a little more of a party. It was employees only, so unfortunately Dylan wasn’t able to meet people I work with, but we’ll work that out another time.  We got kicked out of the nice hotel we were going to be at once they found out we wanted to do a beer pong tournament and an Irish car bomb station. The club we ended up at was really nice though. Ours had an open bar and when the drinking starts at 6, that can only lead to trouble. They also had some appetizers and then some sliders and fries, but overall not enough food to eat (especially considering the drinking). I met a lot of new people at our company (we are on three different floors in our building and there at like 4 smaller companies that roll up to the parent company) and got to spend more time with the people I work with. My partner and I lost at beer pong (I was terrible… she made the four cups we did get (mind you we played with only 6 cups the first rounds to make it go faster)). They also had a photo booth, which was definitely entertaining. I never made it over to the Xbox, tarot card reader or handwriting analyst, but I heard they were interesting. Mostly just a lot of drinking, including an Irish car bomb with the CFO. I received a lot of great compliments on my work so far and I felt so appreciated, which was a nice change from my job the last two years. Since the party was on Thursday, we were more or less expected to go in the next day. I did make it work, but was basically entirely unproductive. A couple of us went to grab lunch and shared how miserably hung over we were. I had planned to pace myself better, but didn’t realize how much fun my co-workers were and didn’t take into account the fact that I would be starting to drink at 6pm. Ah well.
I wore my sister's bridesmaid dress from my wedding and my senior year prom jewelry and shoes. This is my beer pong partner with me!
Overall it was a great holiday season with both my and Dylan’s companies! We are both looking forward to having a great year with our jobs next year and getting to know our co-workers better.

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  1. Wow sounds like you guys have awesome holiday parties! Very jealous. I got cornered at our party by a particularly monotone doctor. There isn't enough wine in the world to make that fun. Love the blue dress :)


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