Sunday, December 25, 2011

Last Minute Decoration

I have a couple pics of the last bits of Christmas decorating we did. 

I never did find a wreath I liked, so I bought a stocking at Target and hung it where the wreath goes. Then as we got Christmas cards I started hanging them up around the stocking, kind of in a tree pattern. I actually really like how it has turned out! It is a great place to put our Christmas cards since it is a place where we will be able to see them and they really add to the Christmas feel.
I had also bought two little "buckets" at Target from the $1 aisle. I bought a blue one and a silver one and they matched perfect with the decor for the piano. They help make the decor look a little more robust.

The most recent and more dramatic change in our Christmas decorations was our tree falling down.  Our tree came from my grandpa and the tree doesn't have it own stand so it is in a real Christmas tree stand (where it would kind of screws into the tree) with some wood blocks to help stabilize the fake tree. This year we could only find one of the stabilizing wood blocks but we managed to get it to stay up. 

The puppies had taken off and broke a couple ornaments like two weeks ago, but they have left it alone since. This last Thursday night, my sister was over and I was asleep on the couch while we were all watching a movie and apparently the tree fell over. We guessed that it was Ares since Freya was in the room with us, but we don't know if he was trying to get something off of the tree or just knocked it over when he walked by. About a half-dozen ornaments broke and we couldn't get it stay back up (plus it was after 11:30pm at this point). We just decided to take it down instead. I really didn't want to put the ornaments just back in the box since we had a couple break from that during the year, but we didn't really have a choice. 


It was super sad to have our already sparsely decorated house be even less decorated and it really did take away a little bit of my Christmas enjoyment. Fortunately we haven't been at our house much and we spent Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day at my parents. And now we have one less thing to clean up. 

Hopefully we can beef up our decorations for next year and we definitely plan on buying a new tree!

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